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The mission of the California Area Public Library is to provide an atmosphere where diversity and the open exchange of ideas is encouraged in an effort to foster lifelong learning, strengthening the community through the creation of an educated citizenry via open access to culture, advanced intellectual experiences and information resources. California Area Public Library is a member of the Washington County Library System. CPL is the Information Station for the communities that comprise the California Area School District: Allenport, California, Coal Center, Brownsville Annex, Long Branch, Elco, Roscoe, and West Pike Run Township.

The California Area Public Library works to encourage a community in which the library helps to ensure that:

  • The community’s inquiries are accomplished by consulting proper and authoritative resources.
  • The community embraces diversity.
  • California Area’s children develop the skills necessary for academic and lifelong success while also developing a sense of accomplishment and a love for reading and learning.
  • Every citizen is provided the opportunity to engage in a life that is culturally and intellectually fulfilling.


  • STORY TIME: Has been put on hold for lack of attendance. If you are interested, please give us a call so we can begin planning new sessions.
  • A KNIT & CROCHET group is establishing itself at our library, beginning February 12 between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. They will gather every second and fourth Tuesday. All skill levels are welcome; needles and yarn will be available for beginners. Bring any project you are working on or one you want to begin. Contact Candy Treser or leave a message at the library for her.
  • Pennsylvania’s 2020 Summer Quest children’s STEM programs celebrate the theme “Mythical Beasts.” Call for details.
  • The Library seeks additional storytime volunteers to help increase the number and variety of story time sessions we present each month.
  • California Public Library is the happy recipient of a large collection of LakeShore toys. The collection arrives with a program manual: we’ll be pairing our Saturday storytime themes with the new toys. If you’d like to explore some of the toys while you visit the library, ask at the main desk. We have 4,000 Legos, a Keva Planks set, a Makey Makey, Adventure card games, Lincoln Logs, a puppet theatre, and more, including everyone’s favorite: magnetic blocks.

Start an Activity

  • If you are interested in creating a Card Club, a Book Club, a Yarn Club, a Game Night, a Garden Party or something novel, we’d like to help. Call to set up an appointment so we can discuss the venture.

From the California, PA Public Library website.