Concerning your garbage bill…

You have probably noticed a significant increase in your latest solid waste billing.  This higher cost came about with the adoption of a new garbage contract.  The old contract had been extended for the last two years with the 2020 rates locked in.  Unfortunately, that agreement expires on December 31, so council had until then to put a new contract in place.  The contract bid specifications were prepared, posted, and advertised, according to law.  The borough was contacted by four companies (Waste Management, Biggs, Republic, and County Hauling) and all had full access to the bidding specifications.  At the time the bids were due, only one company had chosen to put in a bid.  County Hauling was the sole bidder at a rate that was double the 2020 rate that had been in place for the last three years.  Again, nobody else offered a bid.  County Hauling cited the doubling of fuel costs, higher labor costs, inflation, and the number of uncollected delinquent accounts all as the reasons for the increase.  Simply put, council had no choice but to accept this new rate in order to keep the garbage service from being interrupted.  It was a difficult, but necessary, decision for all involved.   Thank you for your understanding.

Dr. Richard H. Martin

Borough Administrator